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You have just moved to Provence...

You may have already found a home, but still have the research and formalities to carry out; you wish to settle into your new surroundings more easily: we are here to help you.

Relocation services are not just intended for those who have yet to move. We can help those of you who have just arrived in Provence, whatever your personal situation: single, a couple, a family, working or retired... You can assign one or more tasks to us. Our services are entirely flexible to serve your particular needs.

You are renting and are looking to buy

Finding a house which meets one’s expectations is time consuming and requires plenty of free time. This is why we offer to take care of your research:  using all suitable resources (estate agents, solicitors, small ads…) we pre-select property corresponding to your criteria. We carry out pre-visits of accommodation, enabling us to draw up a shortlist that corresponds to your requirements. We can give advice and assist you with all the necessary negotiations and legal aspects of your move


 Settling-in your family in their new social and cultural environment

You have just moved to Provence, but you are still trying to find your bearings to enable you to feel at home. We can advise and accompany you to find a sports or cultural club, put you in contact with associations, enroll you for language lessons, organize visits of the region… so that each member of the family rapidly takes to their new way of life.

Helping the children settle-in

It is equally important for the children to settle in so that they too feel at home. We can advise you according to your requirements, on schools, clubs, and child care: we can arrange appointments and accompany you during the visits. We can provide you with full information on all educational facilities, their after school care services, their teaching methods and course work where applicable.

Provide Useful Addresses

We can provide you with useful information regarding your new locality, medical centres, public transport, shops and possibly workmen, decorators, cleaning services, etc…

Bank Assistance

Arrange appointments with banks and help you to open an account.


We can offer on-going support over the telephone for several months. We are totally flexible and are, by arrangement, there to help for as long as you need.

We can provide information on many more services… do not hesitate to contact us!

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