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You are moving to Provence...

…Through close consultation with you we will identify your particular requirements, both business and personal. We will advise you on and take care of the relocation and settling in formalities specific to Provence.

 We will ensure you are able to quickly and effortlessly settle into the area.

We offer a wide range of services tailored to satisfy every requirement, ensuring your move is as carefree as possible.


Our offer, having carefully assessed your exact requirements, consists of sourcing an appropriate property on your behalf. In particular, viewing accommodation to draw up a shortlist, reporting back to you with full details, arranging for you/your family to visit selected properties, helping with sales negotiations, etc…

Moving-in formalities

Our service includes, for example, attending the inventory survey, arranging home utilities (such as water, gas, electricity, telephone…) looking into and providing you with a quotation for household insurance, taking delivery of your belongings prior to your arrival and so on.

Settling-in your family in their new home

We believe that it is important that every member of the family finds their bearings quickly to ensure they feel at home in their new surroundings: this is the key to a successful relocation! It is with this in mind that we offer an unparalleled  knowledge of the area to, for example, put you in contact with local services, assist you in finding sports and cultural clubs…, arrange language lessons, guide you in your search for employment, organize visits of the area, and arrange opportunities to meet up with expats, etc…  We want you to feel at home in Provence!

Helping the children to settle-in

We attach great importance to the children settling smoothly into their new surroundings. To help you, we guide you in your search for schools, clubs and child care: we give advice, and assist with making appointments and accompany you during the visits. We provide you with full information on all education facilities, their after-school care services, the teaching methods and course work where applicable.

Administrative Formalities

We can compile a file for possible mobili-pass, assist with opening bank accounts, obtain all the paper work necessary for expatriates, arrange registration of vehicles. …

And provide many other services as well…

We are here to help! Do not hesitate to put forward any other requests. All specific queries will be carefully addressed. 

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